Bitty Bobs

A rare and unique NFT collection for the females, female-identifying folx, and the men who support their power. Just don't ask us to smile.


Bitty Bobs is an extremely unique and inclusive NFT collection of 4,000 dolls who stand confidently firm in their femininity and strength. Stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain, the collection empowers females and female-identifying folx to tap into their divine feminine without apologizing. The dolls features are intentionally sexualized, and they're bobbing their heads yes to appease someone who is bothering them... and they all look bothered. Some of the dolls are biting their lips, which is a power move. Their characteristics lure you in... but they aren't here to please you.

Bitty Bobs promotes equality and a wide range of inclusivity for marginalized groups including Women, the LGBTQIA, the Physically Disabled and the BIPOC communities. It is one of a kind as an NFT project with its scope of representation, which helps promote female empowerment within the cryptosphere, NFT space and metaverse.

Minting on OpenSea soon.


The dolls are distinguished by their wide range of hand-drawn traits as they were designed with
representation at the forefront. Our three tiers of traits include


Skin Color: white, yellow, tan, brown, and black.

Hair Color: 4 different tones for each brown/black, red-head, silver, blonde, purple, and pink hair, and brown with highlights. Hair Styles range from: bobs, pigtails, braids, long and straight, curly, afro, space buns, textured, bun, pixie cut, shaved head, and pixie with buzzed sides.

Eyebrows: 3 different types of eyebrows ranging from thin, thicker, to thick

Eye Color: not just blue, green, brown, but also dolls with heterochromia (brown/blue, brown/green, green/blue)

A wide range of clothing and accessories with their hands down include: 3 different types of sunglasses, backwards hat, hair clips, eyeglasses, cowboy hats, flower crowns, necklaces, stud earrings, and cuff earrings.


The same dolls as we know and love but with their hands up, holding accessories

Nail colors: purple, tan, red, green, and pink

A wide range of clothing and accessories with their hands up include: cigarettes, ice cream cones (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry), pink cell phones, jewel crowns, coffee cups, lollipops, and bubblegum.


  • Ultra-feminine curvier women

    5 dolls

  • Arms crossed

    5 dolls

  • Women with saggy chest

    4 dolls

  • Hair towel and robe

    4 dolls

  • Hijab

    3 dolls

  • Hairy armpits

    2 dolls

  • Pregnant women

    2 dolls

  • Women with bionic arm

    2 dolls

  • Angel costume

    1 dolls

  • Woman pumping milk

    1 dolls

  • Ultra-feminine curvier woman with stretch marks

    1 dolls

Bitty Bobs were designed to represent all women. Every NFT you purchase from our collection is more than just an investment, it’s your digital identity


Phase 1

Focus is on building the Bitty Bobs community and social channels to gain support and excitement for the project, including collecting addresses for Whitelisters.

Phase 2

Launch of the Bitty Bobs PFP collection at .10 ETH (*to be determined on market conditions), promoting female representation and feminine support in the NFT world and beyond.

Phase 3

Proceeds from the NFT collection’s sales will go towards acquiring digital land in the metaverse and building an LGBTQIA+ focused metaverse bar, the first of its kind. Each NFT holder will have access to the bar in the metaverse, with real-world and metaverse perks to be revealed. Each holder has exclusive lifetime access to a private penthouse section of the bar. A safe space to connect.

Phase 4

Bitty Bobs original artwork reveal on t-shirts, hoodies, digital wallpapers, and more. Our extra special exclusive merch offering is a very limited collection of custom handmade dolls of the original artwork, offered to some of the first adopters.

Phase 5

This project believes in giving back and will be donating 10% of all net proceeds to Planned Parenthood and local community-based charities that focus on LGBTQIA+ initiatives.

Phase 6

Big and special future plans revealed for the Metaverse and MetaBar, exclusive to members only of the Bitty Bobs NFTS. With representation at the forefront, we have big plans for the Metaverse and beyond!





Amanda is an artist living in Los Angeles. Amanda was raised by strong women who instilled in her the power of feminism from an early age. She is very passionate about equality and standing up for what you believe in. Bitty Bobs came to her in a daydream. With the assistance of software developers, and a talented artist from Ukraine, she was able to execute her vision accordingly. She hopes that Bitty Bobs can help bridge the diversity gap in the NFT world and the Metaverse, as she strongly believes that femininity can and should be used in powerful ways.



Marian is an NFT artist who was born and raised in Lviv, where he still resides. He has been in the NFT business for about 6 months now and has been really enjoying it. His hobbies and passions include fishing, cryptocurrency and NFT's.



Ghazanfar is a blockchain developer from Pakistan who specializes in NFT smart contracts and web3 development. Ghazan has worked on more than 60 NFT projects and has been a part of the NFT and crypto space for the past two years. In his free time, he loves to read.


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